Modeller’s block


For the first time for as long as I can remember, I have come to a complete standstill. For no reason that I can explain I cannot summon up any sort of enthusiasm at the moment for a hobby that has meant so much to me for so many years.

The picture above shows my modelling table photographed a few days ago, pretty much as I left it way back in August. The ancient Airfix Hawker Demon that I invested so much time in sits there in bits. It’s become a bit of a barrier, stopping me from making any clear decision about what I should do next. Not that the model wasn’t going well. There have been a few dodgy moments here and there, but considering that I have had to fashion a new kit out of a sixty year old one I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. Even the hand painted markings that I was dreading have turned out better than expected.

My malaise is not really the kits fault, though there’s no doubting the longer it has been left, the harder is has been to go back to it. So today I decided to clear the bench, packing the Demon into a box, out of sight and out of mind, for the time being at least. I had hopes that it would be ready in time for the Nationals in November and there’s still time, but I know what I’m like and it may be quite a while before it appears again. At least the bench is clear now and it’s a fresh start, if I want it to be.

I’ve been blessed with a pretty good summer holiday and I can usually get quite a bit of modelling done, but this apathy has crept up on me slowly, and I haven’t even had the enthusiasm to add to this blog. I haven’t yet turned my back on my local modelling club, and I do appreciate the friendship that the local meet offers, but I haven’t been to a meeting for some time now. Family and now work commitments have had to take priority, and I’m slowly shaking off a little bit of guilt. A bit of a break from all of this will surely do me good in the long run?

Just to check I visited my stash of kits in the loft today and peered into a few boxes, looking for something to get me enthused but it still must be too soon. So I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about it and let my interests develop naturally and in good time. No deadlines for articles or competitions. I might even try a few other projects that I’ve been promising myself for some time now.

I don’t think I’ll be changing the name of my site just yet, but with the advancing years it’s time to start a few new challenges.


  1. “OH” How i know the feeling mate iv had ever increasing modellers block for the last 12 months yet i keep buying so now im thinking i have become more of a Model buyaholic, i was toying with the idea of just stopping shows and model clubs for a year and just concentrating on getting my MoJo back and building some of the stash all im doing at the moment is starting a kit getting so far with it then just running out of steam with it i think this is why modellers talk about occasionally just wanting to throw something together quickly slap some paint on just for a quick modelling fix and hopefully get re-enthused, iv actually done this a few times but my problem is Advanced Modellers Syndrome kicks in just as i start to throw the cockpit together a little voice starts saying things like that would look good with a bit of wiring or piping then before i know it iv spent two or three days on the sodding cockpit and still not finished it AAAAAAAAHHH and this was supposed to be a throw together job!!!! its supposed to be FUN and RELAXING this hobby of ours ISN’T IT???

    Hang in there Haris the MoJo will Return
    See you at the Nationals


    1. Advanced Modellers Syndrome?! I’m getting that before I even start a kit! A day or two later and it all doesn’t feel so bad. I may even venture in to the loft again tonight.


  2. Hi Haris,
    I know it’s no consolation but you’re not alone. Personally, when I get into this situation I paint Space Orks! It’s creative but your not worrying about the exact shade of blue or the positioning of that rivet etc
    So Space Orks… you might never look back!
    All the best


    1. Hi Steve.

      Started sketching for the first time in a very long time yesterday. An awkward feeling but not worrying about the results and very therapeutic. This has been the creative outlet I’ve been craving to do something about for so long now and it seems like the right time. If I can satisfy both my drawing and modelling ambitions I’d be very happy.

      Hope to see you again soon.


  3. Haris,
    I have only recently found your Demon build and was looking forward to watching the progress and (to be honest) copying any good ideas! I am about to start my own Demon of 29(F) Sqn as part of my collection of some of the aircraft flown by 29. I flew the F4 on 29(F).
    I was particularly taken by the work you had done on the interior, although I have yet to amass any kind of ‘spares’ box, having only recently returned to modelling after a 35 year absence. At a purely selfish level I would loved to have seen how the hand craft seat etc fitted into the model. Hope you get your mojo back, and thanks for the motivation.


    1. Hello Tony.

      It’s feedback such as this that acts as a real encouragement, so thank you. For what it’s worth I will at least update the posting on my site to show what I’ve done so far as I have done quite a bit and it was looking OK. I will, I am sure get around to finishing at some point but I can’t see it being soon as I am forming other plans to get me going again. There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s an old kit and it’s fondness of a childhood memory as much as anything that endears the kit to me. I want it to be a labour of love so backing off is probably for the best for now so that I can do it justice.

      You flew an F4? Wow. You have my deepest admiration!!

      Best wishes.


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