In defence of hoarders

At the start of a new holiday I’m filling my mind full of promises – all the jobs that I haven’t managed so far this year. One near the top of the list is to clear a very full loft of clutter, something that will allow me to do more than gingerly step my way around piles of boxes and bags without injuring myself. This is a job that I’m looking forward to with equal measures of dread and excitement.

On the one hand the sheer immensity of the task is the reason why I’ve put it off for so long, but on the other who knows what lost treasures are up there. It’s going to take a considerable measure of discipline to stop me from picking up old editions of Scale Models, or leafing through my Uncle George’s football programme collection that I inherited, or looking through the boxes of old photographs, some of which I’m looking forward to sharing with my children for the first time.

So why the tin of paint?

I bought this in the early seventies when, as I kid I seemed to spend a serious amount of time and pocket money on my hobby. Judging by the satisfyingly liquid sound it makes when I shake it, I probably only used it a couple of times. Since changing the paints that I use, it, along with another thirty or so tins have been sat in a box in the garage for the past ten years or so, and before then some probably haven’t been used for twenty or more years. The point is that I still have them when common sense would probably dictate that they should have gone binwards long ago.

Today, my good friend and modeller Spencer Pollard is in the middle of a restoration project that dictates that he uses the exact paint used on the model when it was made over thirty years ago. On mentioning the fact that I had some old tinlets and would take a look for the two colours he needs, I was astounded to find the first tinlet that I picked out would be one of the exact colours he needs. The second colour alas I don’t have but Spence is a resourceful chap and I’m sure that one way or other he’ll manage.

The point is what exactly should I throw out of that loft? Probably nothing. The job has suddenly got a bit harder.

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