Ironbridge WW2 Weekend

1940's 4

This took me by surprise a bit, particularly as it’s just a few miles from home. A local WW2 reinactment group raises funds for Pilgrim Bandits Charity by staging a World War 2 event during the last bank holiday weekend in May. Having outgrown its’ usual spot in Jackfield, it moved to Dale End Park in Ironbridge further up the road, opening it up for a much bigger event. Over a gloriously sunny weekend the park was full of Allied and Axis troups, Land Army Girls, ARP wardens, and many in period costume (including the inevitable spiv complete with briefcase!). There was a music tent which had a crooner performing when I got there, and a very authentic pub bar, not bad considering it was a temporary structure. There were lots of stalls, many with a period feel such as a ladies hair salon for that authentic look, and a concert and meal in the evening which I understand was sold out.

Everything was very convincing with everyone kitted out perfectly. The range of military equipment on show was very impressive, the vehicles mainly light transport, though there was an armoured car and the odd truck. I will keep an eye out for next years’ event as judging by the interest shown this year it can only get bigger and who knows, maybe we’ll see even more vehicles. My only disappointment was missing the Lancaster flyover due to a 90 minute delay.

You can find further details of the group and photos of the event on their website:

1940's 5

1940's 10

1940's 9

1940's 8

1940's 3

1940's 2

1940's 7

1940's 6

1940's 1

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