Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front as I’ve taken some time out. I never get colds – maybe the odd sniffle, and occasionally what some might unkindly call ‘man flu’ – but it seems I’ve been saving it all up for an absolute beauty, one that came completely out of the blue. I’m getting over it now but after an ear infection my head still feels as if it’s stuffed full of cotton wool, and there’s a buzzer ringing constantly in my head. One has to look for the positives in any unhappy situation if they can, and in this case it has at least slowed me down, which is never a bad thing. I have to be ill to sleep beyond 7.00 and I’ve done that a few times this week. I also lost my appetite a bit, but I did find comfort food in the shape of Ambrosia Rice Pudding and Tapioca. I made my own rice pudding the other day which was very nice indeed, but nothing seems to touch the tinned stuff. And the other thing is Robitussin cough mixture. What do they put into that?! Has anyone thought about turning it into a lolly?


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