Return of the blog

As I come to the end of another year, ahead of any resolutions that I might make in a few days time I’ve decided that it really is time to sort this journal. It’s not been a very productive year as far as modelling goes, but it has seen a return to some magazine work and the completion of four models, documented in the Builds section. It’s odd looking back on the few posts that materialised two summers ago in a fit of activity that saw me set these pages up. I’ve been to the Design Museum a few more times, and I’ve seen one more excellent Tour De France. I’ve been tempted to delete the old posts but I have left them in to remind me of all the things that I should have documented since then, and not to fall into lazy habits. So, I’m back wrestling with the complexities of WordPress and with a commitment to keep this up to date – we’ll see!

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