Holiday time!

I’m one of the lucky ones who get a long holiday. It’s unusually hot at the moment. Very hot. Too hot for model making in the conservatory which passes for my modelling room. So I spent the morning hacking away at various overgrown parts of the garden to let a bit of sunlight in to long neglected corners, a job I’d been putting off until the finer weather arrived. Well it’s here now and the job’s done, at least until the next one, and there are plenty of those around the house capable of filling a long holiday. So as a treat I’m starting this blog in the shady part of the garden.


Model on my mind at the moment – a 1/48 Blue Max Avro 504K, kindly provided by South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum and being built as part of their WW1 commemorative display. I’ve promised myself a visit when I deliver the goods next month. It’s the first Blue Max kit I’ve built for years and forgotten how involved they are. A good kit on the whole and a lot of work, like most British WW1 aircraft, but a handsome looking plane and it will be well worth the effort. I’m going to paint it in a standard Clear Doped Linen/PC10 scheme as used by 47 TDS based at Doncaster in 1918, and judging by the photos given to me, they’re typically oily looking so I’m looking forward to ‘distressing’ the fabric.

Detailing so far – added seat pads from Magic Sculp, straps from the spares box, new control panels, cut flaps away, drilled all holes for rigging, and used a spare engine from the spares box, ready for the big paint session.

Go to the model build section to check on going progress.

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