Crewe show February 2016


First model show of the year after bad weather prevented me from getting to Bolton in January, and family commitments to Huddersfield a couple of weeks ago.

Now in the unfamiliar surroundings of the Railway Heritage Centre, with cars unceremoniously rammed into every spare corner of the site, it was nice to be alongside the famous (or infamous) Advanced Passenger Train or APT, or more commonly, the ‘Tilting Train’ which occupied much media space during the 1970’s and 80’s. There wasn’t time or the space to explore the museum given the frantic activity going on, trying to get everyone in. There is no denying that if this is to be a permanent move, the lack of convenient parking could be a real issue. The main display area was in the main Heritage building which was very cold when I arrived at 9.00 and quite dark, though it did warm up later. There were a good few traders and clubs in attendance which meant it was also quite cramped, with the competition area being in another building at the end of the site.


A  range of model interests and related activities has always been a feature of the Crewe show, with ship models, railway, wargamers and the usual flying model enthusiasts present. The show seemed pretty busy throughout the time I was there.


I can’t help feel that the show has lost a bit of it’s charm after it’s forced move from it’s previous location at the community centre, but after speaking to a number of the club members I appreciate the difficulty that they have had in finding a suitable new venue.